Seven Nights Out: Sunday and Monday

Lots of people talk about supporting local music, but how many of you actually do it? I don’t just mean listening to college radio, which has its own circle-of-hipness that can make it almost as restrictive as commercial radio. I mean taking a risk and spending a few bucks to see an act you’ve never seen before. Going out to hear live music from a band that doesn’t get radio play and hasn’t been written up in Rolling Stone and isn’t trying to imitate everybody on MTV, a group of musicians who could have taken the easy way out and started playing 70s funk covers for frat boys and casino rats, but instead continues to play original music on weeknights for 20 people. Just for the sheer love of it.

This week, it so happens that a lot of people I know are playing these kinds of shows. So I’ve decided to try and make it out for seven nights in a row–something I’ve never done.

Sunday, I subbed in on bass for an old band I used to play with, Natalie Wouldn’t, and got to catch The Plaintiffs, who do a sort of tongue-in-cheek 80s rock with country influences…sort of like the Young Fresh Fellows meets .38 Special. (Some of these guys were in The Squirrels, who did an absolutely brilliant parody of Dark Side of the Moon which every Pink Floyd fan should buy immediately.)

Monday, I went to hear James Whiton and the Downtown Apostles, an apocalyptic Knitting Factory jazz-metal combo. Psychedelia and kewl-jazz rainy-streets-at-night soundscapes. James is a great bassist, he’s about to go on tour with Eric McFadden, a shredmonster guitarist who plays with George Clinton and Funkadelic. Anyway, great band. Left a nice afterglow that persists this morning.


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