Jack me!

What a phenomenally stupid idea. I was never a big fan of 96.5’s altrnuhdiv format–way way way too much repetition and no risk-taking at all–but this is even worse. They compare it to an iPod on shuffle, but the playlist appears to have been programmed by tasteless marketing-drones. It’s like, “every bad marketing trend of the last 20 years, thrown together like a dog’s breakfast!” ’80s hair bands and bad grunge and the same classic rock tunes that KZOK’s been playing for 35 years.

Anyway, I like the fact that commercial radio’s suffering at the hands of iPod, but the solution is to throw out the New York-based marketing consultants and get back to DJs who actually listen to and care about music.

I give it 6 months, then it’ll be replaced by talk radio.

(Hats off to Lisa Wood for an interesting blog on radio in Seattle–she’s the first I saw to write about this.)


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