Xbox 360 and music

Got my hands on an Xbox 360 review unit the other day via work, and while I haven’t yet gotten any games to review, I have been able to test the digital media functions and it’s been done quite well. No problem recognizing my iPod as an iPod with all the menus (artists, albums, playlists, and so on), and it outputs excellent quality audio to my stereo. Watched the Zeppelin concert DVD on it the other night on it, and the sound was fantastic. Better video quality than my $100 Panasonic DVD player as well (which is probably going in the trash).

Speaking of that DVD…OK, so I was a big Zep fan back in high school but sort of lost interest after hearing the songs thousands of times. But holy shit, could those guys do improv. They’d take off on a jam with clearly no idea where they were going to land, but one of the four would always save it. A lot of eye contact and on stage communication. Like the Dead with balls. I can see why the punks hated them–they looked like stinky hippies and nearly every song in the 1970 show was 10 minutes or longer, including a lot of rambling from Robert Plant–but today’s bands could learn a lot about stage presence and what makes a show entertaining by watching that DVD.


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