DRM backlash

There’s not much more to say about the whole Sony DRM controversy, except that I’m glad Microsoft took a stand. I think the Digital Media Division at Microsoft been way too happy to help the record companies foist their idiotic DRM schemes down our throats, and they sure haven’t gotten much support in return. At least Microsoft’s Security team is willing to call this particular DRM technology what it is–a piece of poorly written and almost totally evil spyware that breaks Windows.

The best part of the whole incident is the fact the whole industry’s going to suffer from the backlash, which could cause them to reconsider their idiotic anti-customer strategy.

But probably not.


One Response to DRM backlash

  1. fifthdecade says:

    Dude, Windows doesn’t need ANY help to break… it does that all on its own. I won’t say anything about Vista’s Digital Rights Management….

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