The suits talk DRM

Two interesting posts from AppScout about panel discussions on DRM at the Digital Music Forum in New York City last month. In the first, a group of execs from Sony BMG, Real/Rhapsody, and several small online music distributors argue that DRM is necessary, that Steve Jobs was blowing smoke, and that if Pixar/Disney started selling its content without DRM, everybody would sell the stock on the presumption that piracy would render its business unsustainable. Fortunately, one guy from digital distributor The Orchard pointed out that DRM doesn’t work to prevent piracy anyway, but only prevents average consumers from doing things they might want to do, such as transfer an iTunes download to a non-iPod device.

The second discussion sounded a bit more interesting, with some industry folks admitting that eliminating DRM would actually benefit them financially, and a long discussion of my favorite topic, the celestial jukebox.


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