What Does a Well-Rehearsed Group Sound Like?

This. And this.

About a week before The Police, I saw Secret Chiefs 3 in a club with about 300 other fanatics. They play a combination of surf, Asian (including Middle Eastern and South Asian), and heavy metal. At extreme volume. No vocals. It was insanely loud at the club where they played, but it didn’t hurt because it sounded so good. They’ve got to be one of the tightest groups of amazingly accomplished musicians in the world. I’d seen them once before and thought their drummer was a bit off, but this time they had two, including Peijman Kouretchian, who I know vaguely through one of my bands, and who is/was one of the best drummers in Seattle hands-down. Anyway, they slayed. Slew. Whatever.

Which was more entertaining? Hard to say. But The Police definitely were not 10 times better than Secret Chiefs 3, as the disparity in ticket prices would suggest. Supply and demand.


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